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Lazies and Germans,
dear readers, artists and friends,
Here we are together again, in the second volume of Bitta Generation publication, which brings you another collection of drawings, graphic art, short documentary comics stories, street art and video animation art, that was all created during the various meetings of the Bitta Generation network in the previous year.
This time, we specifically publish artworks that were created during the workshops that took place in Banja Luka, Bosnia, and Pančevo, Serbia, in August and September of 2012. Additionally, a number of artworks was also collected through an open call.
Bitta Generation, an international network of young artists who decided to dedicate part of their time, skills and careers to support and discuss various environmental actions in different local communities worldwide through their art, has changed a bit since the publication of previous Bitta Book. In general, our crew grew a bit bigger in the meantime, we have established new partnerships and have broaden our range of international contacts – this time, we bring you artworks of authors from Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Romania. More than that, Bitta crew has also mastered some new disciplines and tools in their activities – besides comics, video animation and graphic art, we have broaden the spectrum of our creative processes by including the graffiti and street art workshops, as an important area of practice and tool of influencing the collective consciousness of local communities.
If we could compare the previous Bitta publication with a boat that is carrying a group of passengers and stopping here and there in different ports, spending some time in each stop in order to get inspired and initiate creative response to the local context before embarking on into further adventures, this time we could say that we almost upgraded Bitta to a kind of a spaceship. The spectrum of topics has broaden to a more general, so to say global overview on local problems and initiatives in the region of Balkans, including also innovative formal interpretations of already known, universal environmental problems and arguments that are floating around them. As last two years have brought the blossom of participative democracy practices all over the world, personal and informal engagement became the most often practiced model of contributing to the global or communal changes. All over the world, common people are less and less patient in their demands and their ability to cope with the compromises is decreasing, which is something that Bitta Generation network strongly supports. Living a conscious and responsible life as part of broader community, for us means also being ready to contribute to the common goals and support the changes with the means of your abilities, skills and contributions in specific areas of your personal mastery and interest. Enjoy the Bitta Generation vol 2, see you soon!

Bitta Generation Team

P.S. Since we have almost ran out of copies of Bitta Generation vol. 1, previous Bitta book is available as online pdf at the following address:

The new Bitta book will be presented at Sofia Design Week, 
and at "CRACK! Fumetti dirompenti" festival of indipendent comics  in Rome

for more information:,,

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